Dec 20, 2010

The Black Hornbills ( Anthracoceros malayanus ) 76 cm

I came across a pair of the Black Hornbills at Bkt Cahaya whilst birding there recently. Initially I thought it's an odd couple combination of the Black and Oriental Pied Hornbills as I have frequently witnessed in another park near the city. However when I recorded the female Black Hornbill I drew conclusion that the Oriental Pied Hornbill is not part of the pair.

The arrival of the Black Hornbills was preceded by the distinctive loud harsh retching sounds and grating calls some distance away. The pair had perched on the canopy branches of a distant tree (together with 3 other Oriental Pied Hornbills) before finally decided to fly forward and closer to my location. Both continued with foraging for figs as the day slowly drew to a close with the sun disappearing in the horizon and darkness fell quickly and enveloped the forest.

Here are 3 photos for sharing.

    The Black Hornbill (Male)

   The Black Hornbill (Female)

   The Oriental Pied Hornbill which kept the pair company.

Have a nice day! Cheers!

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