Dec 16, 2010

Insects, Flowers & Fungi IV

Sharing some more pictures taken in-between birding breaks.

Help required. Does anyone know what is the name of this bug? Thx.

The Rhinoceros Beetle is fast disappearing due to illegal trappings for sale as souvenir trophies! :-(

A spider web all ready and waiting for a victim.

Mountain flower in full bloom at 2500 meters above sea level.

Flowering season of the wild mountain orchids. They are all over the hill slopes.

A red Hibiscus flower.

A pink Hibiscus flower


Wild fungi growing on a dead tree trunk

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  1. oh is really amazing ur blog of insects,and the photographs are impressionant, spectatucal the pic of spider web waiting for a victim,,,,,,,continue like this u are a genius in this,,,,,Pam