Apr 12, 2011

2011 F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix - Race Day

Race Day at the 2011 F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix had an air of celebrations coupled with a heighten sense of excitement and keen anticipation for the outcome.

Off the grid at 4 pm, local time (+GMT 8 hrs) it was Red Bull Racing with Sebastian Vettel at the wheels who led from start to finish. Goes to show that getting a pole position in an F1 race is all important. Barring mechanical or electronic malfunction 99% of the time the car which lead at the start end up the winner. Enjoy the pix! Cheers!
              A couple of helicopters like this one was used to record the race.
     This modified Mercedes Benz SLK safety car zoomed around the track checking the race track before    each race.
            The Champion - Red Bull Racing
        Shooting past the spectators gallery at 265 Kph
                  Approaching the sharp corners and some 'hard' braking.
                A dual for the lead between Team Lotus, left & Team McLaren Mercedes, right                                         
               McLaren Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton at the wheels roaring past.
               Marussia Virgin Racing co-owned by Virgin Airlines boss Richard Branson.

                Team HRT from Spain, a new comer to F1 Racing. Nice car body decal.

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