Jun 13, 2011

The Rhinoceros Hornbills (Buceros rhinoceros) 91-122 cm

It was an exciting moment to see a pair of these big birds, again. My last encounter with this specie was in April or May last year. Their loud calls could be easily mistaken for that of large primates.  The calls were heard at the right hand side of our position. Instinctively our eyes looked skyward but saw no movements. A short while later one of our birding mates called out and pointed towards the sky. This time we saw a silhouette resembling that of a large size hornbill partly eclipsed by the almost noon day sun above us. The ID could not be made out. We were a little disappointed.

It's calls could still be heard. It has obviously perched on a branch, well hidden under the cover of thick leaves of the trees which stood between us and  a clear view. A short while later we heard another call and upon looking up saw another bird flew from right to left to join the first one. This is the mate. And our luck seemed to take a turn for the better! Through the thick leaves and branches we could now 'pick out' the two lovely birds.

Below are photos of both of them!

                    The first one which arrived, probably a male was approximately 200 ft up

Semi-cropped pix below show the actual distance from camera

The second one, could be a female 

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